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NBIA has introduced the Baking Seal of Excellence to uphold and honour the fine baking traditions and produce items that have been largely hand-crafted with special attention to natural, quality ingredients, traditional processes and a return to the fundamentals of age-old skills in Australia.


To mark them as baking businesses of note and make them more readily identifiable to consumers, the Association has created a mark of excellence - the NBIA Baking Seal of Excellence.


Does your baking business meet the criteria to receive a Baking Seal of Excellence?



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NBIA’s Baking Seal of Excellence Award Winner Announced – Red Beard Historic Bakery!

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NBIA Seal of Excellence Businesses

  1. All products for sale in the baking business are made from scratch and not from pre-mixes.

  2. Products are made largely by hand – machinery such as dividers, rollers and shapers can be used, but not automated lines.

  3. Any prooving and fermentation must be achieved through natural means and natural timeframes.

  4. Products must be made in-house or if off-site, at a facility owned and operated by the baking business.

  5. All products which are presented as fresh and ready for consumption are to be made fresh and not from par-baked.

  6. Any associated products used in the baking business (dips, sandwich fillings, pie fillings) must also adhere to these guidelines, with the exception of longlife products (jams, preserves, pickles, butter, mayonnaise) though they should also be made under similar circumstances though not necessarily in store.

  7. All ingredients used, including basics like eggs, butter and flour should be of the best quality feasible and the purchasing of these products from local sources will be looked upon favourably.

  8. Fair trade items, organic produce and practices that encourage and adhere to environmentally sustainable practices will be looked upon favourably and encouraged.

  9. The baking business must be operating within Australia.

  10. Bakeries Only: The baking business creates products using no synthetic trans fats, no industrially formulated bread improvers, no treatment agents or other additives (other than compulsory vitamins in non-organic flour), such as preservatives.

  11. Patisseries Only: The baking business creates products using no synthetic trans fats, no industrially formulated bread improvers, no treatment agents or preservatives, no synthetic flavours and only food safety approved colours used at safe levels in accordance with FSANZ guidelines.


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